Indoor League Rules



Official rules as adapted by U.S.A. Volleyball will be used with noted exceptions.  It is the captains’ responsibility to let team members know what the rules are.




  1. Each team will play a 7 week/7(+) match schedule with one week of playoffs following.


  1. Matches will be played as follows:
  • 3 games to 25: no cap
  • play-offs will be best 2 out of 3 :1st two games to 25,deciding game to 15


  1. League records will be determined by overall wins and losses, head to head and then point differential.


  1. There will be a five minute warm-up time allowed before each match. The end of this time is also forfeit time for the first game.  After an additional 10 minutes on the stopwatch the match is forfeited.


  1. Score sheets are the responsibility the team captains. In order to verify if a player has played in at least three matches during the regular season, rosters need to be filled out for each match. Also, if score sheets are not filled out with game scores and winners and losers circled, both teams will be given losses. Be sure to check score sheets before you leave each time.


  1. All matches will be played unless circumstances dictate otherwise (weather, etc.).  The league will be rescheduled for the subsequent weeks in its entirety.




  1. All league fees must be paid online before your team will be added to the schedule.


  1. No portion of entry fee will be refunded once leagues begin.


  1. A roster must be submitted by the first week of play.  Roster additions can be made up through game-time of the fourth week of play. If there is a substantiated injury after that time a player may be added but they should be of similar ability. In order to participate in the playoffs a player must have played at least 3 of the 7 weeks during the regular season.  No guest players on a roster during playoffs.


  1. Any game played with an ineligible player will result in a forfeit to that team. All challenges must be made by the team captain in writing the night of the infraction.




  1. 6 players total. Minimum of 2 players of each sex on the court at all times.


2. Substitution- 12 subs per USAV rules.  Players on one team may sub on another team during regular season play.  A person may only play on one team for playoffs!


3. Roster is limited to 12 players.





  1. Matching shirts and numbers are not required.


  1. Female contact rule will not be used.




  1. Each team will be allowed up to one timeout per game. Each time-out lasts 30 seconds.


  1. Only one toss allowed on serve.


  1. Any first ball over may be doubled but never lifted.


  1. When only one male player is in the front row a 2nd male may be brought up to block.


  1. The ball may be played off the ceiling on your own side.  The walls and nets are out of bounds.


  1. Remember that this is a self officiated league. It is each captains responsibility to be sure that their team is playing within the rules. When there is a disagreement regarding a play,  if the two captains can not agree then a replay will be issued. Please do not use this rule to justify arguing every call just so that a replay will be called.




  1. Tournament winner will receive ½ off their next league fee.