Beach League Rules

Inside Out Summer Beach Leagues



  1. Profanity is unacceptable. The City Park & Recreation Department has told us this must be enforced. Players may be suspended from league play for inappropriate language.
  2. Dress Code- due to the fact that this is a family beach everyone needs to be considerate of other players or even spectators that are there and wear clothing that is somewhat modest. Examples of inappropriate clothing would be thong bikinis for girls or speedos for guys. Although some players might find that clothing normal and even something they wear at some tournaments it is not something that is going to be allowed in the beach leagues. Players violating these rules will be asked to leave the beach.
  3. Please keep chairs, coolers, and other personal belongings from between the courts.
  4. Please respect our public beach; pick up your trash.
  5. Play will start at 6:30 p.m. If a team is not ready to start, one game is forfeited.  If they are still not ready at 6:40 p.m. the second game and match are then forfeited.
  6. Make-up matches are up to the team captains to reschedule and shall be coordinated with league director.
  7. Weather: Due to the uncertainty of it, play will only be canceled if it is raining very hard at 6:30 p.m., and does not appear that it is going to stop; the only other case play will be canceled is due to lightening. An email will be sent prior to 5:30 pm if we are cancelling play for that night. Be sure we have the correct email address of the league captain. If we do cancel prior to the start of play it will be posted on the Inside Out website and Inside Out Facebook page in addition to emails being sent.
  8. If you play on an “A” team, you are not allowed to play on a “B” team in the same league.
  9. All player(s) involved in a physical altercation will be ejected from the league for the rest of the season.
  10. Score sheets are the responsibility of the home team. All players must sign in on the score sheet.  The visiting captain and home captain must verify the signature and the score, then initial.  Upon completion of the match, be sure to leave score sheet with league director &/or assistant.  Score sheets that are turned in are not open to correction.  MAKE SURE YOUR SCORE SHEETS ARE CORRECT BEFORE YOU HAND THEM IN EACH NIGHT!!!  NO CHANGES AFTER SCORE SHEETS ARE HANDED IN. A score sheet not filled out will be considered a loss for both teams.
  11. The home team is responsible for setting up the equipment, the second visiting team is responsible for taking down and returning the equipment. If any equipment is missing, report to the league director immediately.  Missing equipment not reported will be your $responsibility$.  A good time to check equipment is when you switch courts for your second match.  A complete bag includes the following:  net, ball, lines, and four stakes.
  12. Rosters- All players must be listed on the team roster in order to play in a match. In addition you must have played in at least 1 regular season match to be eligible for the playoffs.



  1. Each team will normally play two matches per night. On rare occasion it may be necessary to schedule a bye.
  2. Each match will consist of 3 games. All scoring is rally score to 21. No point cap on any game.
  3. Games are scheduled 1 hour apart at 6:30 and 7:30. Keep warm-ups to 5 minutes.
  4. League Champions and runner-ups will be determined from playoffs. All teams are seeded into the playoffs based on their regular season record.

2-Way Tie                                         3-Way Tie

  1. Head to head games.   Overall point differential.
  2. Head to head points
  3. Overall point differential




BASIC LEAGUE RULES (See USAV Outdoor Rules for Details)

  1. Substitution will be as per USAV rules (12 subs, unlimited entrees) or a team may choose Round Robin Substitution. Preference must be indicated before start of match.  2’s League: No substitution is allowed during the game.  You may change partners prior to the start of a match or due to injury.
  2. Any first ball over may be doubled but it may never be lifted regardless of how hard the ball was hit. Serves may not be passed with a open hand setting motion.
  3. A ball may not be redirected over the net in a 2 handed open had motion.
  4. Open hand sets are allowed over the net but the flight of the ball must not be changed. Sets that are blown over the net due to the wind are legal.
  5. Each team is allowed three hits before the ball is passed over the net.
  6. A block does not count as a hit except in 2 on 2 leagues.
  7. Contact under the net that interferes with an opposing player is a violation.
  8. No contact with the net or rope is allowed.
  9. Play over the net is within the imaginary extension of the poles.
  10. A ball that makes contact with boundary lines is considered “in” bounds.
  11. You must serve behind the back boundary line.
  12. Any controversies will be replayed when there are no referees.
  13. Follow service rotation.
  14. No blocking or attacking the serve.
  15. Coed 4’s: Minimum of 1 of each sex with a maximum of 2 males or maximum 3 females.
  16. Coed 6’s: Minimum of 1 of either sex and a minimum total of 4 players overall.  Maximum 4 males or 4 females at any time.
  17. Coed 4’s & 6’s: Hand setting is allowed in all leagues.
  18. Time outs: 1 – 30 second time outs per game.  No sand time outs (you may not leave the court to brush off).
  19. Only one toss allowed for serve.



  1. Service rotation must be followed but position on court may remain unchanged.
  2. No open hand dinks.
  3. Games to 21 points, switch after every 7 points.
  4. Any ball played open hand must come out clean except on a hard driven spike in which case it can then be doubled. No ball may ever be lifted.



  1. No open hand digs, above or below the head except on a hard driven spike.
  2. No overlapping on serve.
  3. Any ball played open hand must come out clean except on a hard driven spike in which case it can then be doubled. No ball may ever be lifted.
  4. Games to 21 points, switch court sides every 7 points.