Inclement Weather Policy

Inside Out Jrs Inclement Weather Policy

During the Winter months there are going to be days when the weather is questionable and the roads are not great. But due to having players coming from such a wide range of areas the road conditions in one area may be very different from another area.

As a club we do not cancel activities based on what a particular school district may do as we have many school districts represented in our club. Plus, quite often school districts are making a determination on cancelling for the day at 6:00 am but practices don’t begin until much later.

It is rare that our staff can not make it into the office so typically we are at ISO even during the worst weather. If the inclement weather is going to affect a wide enough range of players, or the road conditions are bad everywhere, we will cancel all activities. It is rare that this will happen, but if it does, we will email and post on Facebook that we are cancelling all ISO activities.

As a general rule though we try to leave it up to each individual family on making the choice to attend ISO activities. If you don’t feel comfortable traveling to practice or a game then you should stay home. Don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation just for volleyball. It’s not worth it. But please let your coach know if you do not plan to make it to a scheduled activity.